Project planning and Advisory

Market survey, demand survey, product survey, feasibility studies, location studies, economic and financial analysis, valuation, infrastructure planning, transport planning, solid waste planning, solid waste management, urban planning, environmental planning, project advisory, environmental impact assessment, town planning, development planning, city planning, township planning, SEZ planning, industrial estate planning, mapping, preparation of detailed project reports, research and development, documentation.

Engineering Design

Survey, site investigation, soil investigation, distress mapping, damage assessment, visual assessment, aerial survey, GIS survey and mapping, architectural design, structural engineering, environmental engineering, material engineering, transport engineering, hydraulic design, pavement design, highway design, water supply design, waste water design, treatment plant design, design of irrigation structures, design of bridges and flyovers, solid waste treatment design, landfill design, interior design, landscape design, façade design, building information modelling, air quality and pollution monitoring, noise monitoring, electrical, plumbing, firefighting, instrumentation, proof checking.

Project Management

Cost estimation, valuation, preparation of tenders, bid process management services, project management services, project planning, progress monitoring and project controlling, project scope management, project scheduling, project risk management, digital project management, lean project delivery, building information modelling (BIM), third party inspection, quality assurance, quality control, checking, testing, inspecting, NDT, vendor inspection, vendor rating, vendor selection, disaster management, event management, artificial intelligence based services, contracts management, contract administration, arbitration and remediation.

Training and capacity building

Conducting online and offline workshops, seminars, trainings.
Preparation of manuals.
To train, educate, build capacity, and transfer knowledge.